Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday Night Game... Not! but a good time anyway

I did not manage to get a game in on Friday night. I went to my local GW store and talked shop with the fellows at the store. I spent most of the evening assisting a fellow who wishes to start an Empire army in Fantasy. Having played Empire since 1994 I felt comfortable giving some small amount of advice on the subject.

With the coming of 8th ed I am not sure If my experience adds up to a hill of beans. The up and coming Empire General wants to utilize the new Horde rules in an aggressive fashion. things like an 80 man block of Halberds flanked with 40 man blocks of Swordsmen. things like that. in the end I tried to convince him to proxy the army with his dwarfs until he found a combo he could work with.

It was an interesting conversation.

I also had a conversation with a lady whose son plays Space Marines and who started playing Orks herself. She was telling me that her favorite part is the conversions. she told me about the Ork unit she is building that have squigs for hats... :)

Lastly I spoke with a gentleman who was building Tau Battlesuits. He managed to mount the Railguns on the arms along with the smart missle pods. The suit look like a can of Whip a$$ ready to be opened.

For the second Friday in a row I stayed until they kicked me out. It was a blast even if I didn't get a game in...

Speaking of Conversions. Here is my latest Ork truck! Made from a WWII tank kit. enjoy.

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