Thursday, June 17, 2010

8th edition Fantasy


Yesterday I got to spend over 2 hours with the new 8th ed Rulebook. To call it awesome is an understatement. After looking up several rules I was worried about (many were just ugly rumors) I am really pleased with the final product, so much so that I pre-ordered the book. The new system looks amazing. here are some of the highlights that caught my eye.

  • The new % system for army building feels more like a freeing up than a lock down.
  • The splitting of Hero's and lords (The ability to take a lord level in smaller games)
  • New ally rules
  • crap loads of new scenarios (No more plain Jane pitched battles)
  • multiple rank fighting
  • multiple rank shooting
  • new combat res stuff
  • attacks are always in initiative order.
  • Stomp attacks for monstrous units
  • 3 model = rank bonus for 40mm + base size units
  • Totally New Magic system- It is fast and nasty
  • almost 80 common magic items
  • 528 pages of butt kicking for goodness
I could go on all day with this! This is Warhammer like never before.
I think the playing field just got leveled.

Welcome to the New world!

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