Monday, August 31, 2015

Making and Painting The Pool of Tears

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This is a Bonus Post for the really amazing Eldar Craftworld table for the NOVA Open 2015.

The Road to NOVA has been following the step by step creation of this piece of NOVA History.
It appears that one thing that was missed in their coverage.  The making and painting of the “Pool of tears” a built in water feature of the Table.

I am pleased to provide that coverage.

A list of the colors mentioned can be found here

The basic design was described in the original post here.

Here you see the Pool of tears with the base coat of brown. Since the pool tile is part of the base table it was initially painted the same as the other table sections. The raised area around the pool was made with 1/4 foam board glued down with weights to keep it from curling.

Here you see the pool tile brought up to its final color. The raised section was repainted the mid color of Honeycomb. 

The raised section has been painted Golden yellow with an airbrush and the interior of the pool painted with a mix of Tide Pool, Mediterranean, and Deep Sea Green.

A Black and white image of a Craftworld Alaitoc symbol was printed an inked then cut out and glued to the bottom of the pool.

The Image was then cleaned up with the Tide Pool, Mediterranean, and Deep Sea Green mix to make it look less like a piece of paper and more like a picture tiled or engraved at the bottom of the pool.

A ring of card stock was added to the lip of the pool to add depth. It was painted black then washed with secret weapon Green Earth mixed with thinner.

Clear plastic flat backed gems were painted with several layers of red Glaze to make them look like giant rubies. In this picture the finished gems are placed to get an idea of the finished pool.

Woodland scenics Realistic water was mixed with a little bit of Secret weapon Sapphire wash and poured into the pool. This gave the water a tinted look.

The finished Pool.

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