Monday, August 10, 2015

The latest on the workbench

Hello all,

Since I have finished the latest table project for the NOVA Open I decided to work on some of my own stuff. After weekend of painting here is what got done!

Age Of Sigmar

My color pattern for the Stormcast Eternals: I took the free White Dwarf Stormcast model from last month and painted it up. I am not a fan of the Gold Armor pattern(s) seen so frequently so I decided to go with classic Silver (steel) armor but to make them pop I decided to accent the armor with Turquoise and I did add some gold trim where I thought it would help.


The Brass Bull-  

I bought this Minataur toy from amazon for 10.00 last week thinking it might make a cool cheap giant for my beastmen army. When it showed up I saw that it was only around 4 inches tall so a little short for the current model (but just about right for the old Giant from back in the day) 

From the package

Alright but a little too Greek. I decided to modify him from my bits box and found some cool chaos stuff that makes him look more like part of the army. (My beastmen are dedicated to Khorne for the most part) 

All chaosed up with Shoulder plates from the Demon Prince, Minotaur buckler, a banner top for a chest plate  and a Soul Grinder Sword. I also added some Marauder shields ti the belt for effect.

Primed Red Brown and over-brushed with a tan brown. I will be painting it using value tinting.

I went with a base I created for a Skaven project.


Master Draigo 
First attempt with the Force sword

I think it came out great


Mithril Miniatures- Beorn and Bard (Bear by Reaper) I went for a classic here Beorn from the old Mithril line. This model dates back to the late 80s and has remarkable character for such an old design. I found out they are still around. Check out their site here.

The bear is the Reaper Dire Bear I though would compliment the Beorn model. I put both on round bases so I could use them as alternate models when playing Hobbit SBG.

Bear must have eaten something bad...


The Bard model is painted to complement my collection of LOTR Rangers. In his quiver (not shown) I have marked out one of his arrows as the "black Arrow." There will be no #$%@!! wind lance BS in my collection (unless someone wants to get me one.) 

++++In other News++++

There are some new pictures of the 11' Star Destroyer the NOVA Open will have this year for it's X-Wing narrative.

More Lights!

How could we get this to work in Hobbit SBG?

Like Swayze and Farley it's hard to pick which one is better... ;P

For Scale
 Well that is all the time I have.



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