Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Updating Scrolls for personal use

Hello All,

After looking at the various warscrolls GW has put out I started to notice something. Some of the options on some of my tried and true GW miniatures were no longer covered as options. for instance the Empire General has the option for a great sword or Sword & shield or Sword & pistol.  What about Great sword and pistol? not an option but I have at least 2 models that have just that. Then take Archaon on foot. He is listed with the missing scrolls and just says use the Chaos lord. Archaon has a shield and no Hellforged Glaive. What a mess.

Then I discovered (from a friend) that they have gone *WYSIWYG on me. The options are only for current models and you are ether to proxy the model as one of the scrolls or stick them in a unit that closely resembles them. fine options I guess. I prefer WYSIWYG as a two way street. If GW made the model then it's options should be available. 

*What you see is what you get 

So I decided to Update some of the scrolls to add in these missing options. As a starter I picked two scrolls from the Chaos Warriors list. Archaon and the Chaos lord (Because he should have a shield option) In each case care was taken to not weaken the stats or make them too strong.

The Big thing for him is the removal of the horse. This has reduced his wounds and speed as well as cut his attacks in half. I decided to give him back 2 attacks (for a total of 6) to make up for it. This puts him back on par with the other Named Chaos lords. 

The only thing done here was the addition of a Runeshield at the cost of the Hellforged Glaive. Reduced attacks but a chance to save against mortal wounds. 

Let me know what you think


Note: These are not meant to be official in any way. They are merely an Idea I had. Please agree with your opponent before using. and Drink responsibly. 

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