Thursday, August 6, 2015

Age of Sigmar Game 3 Empire vs. Dark Elves

Hello all,

This past weekend I got my third game of AOS in. That is a lot of games in the last few weeks. Especially for me! This time the Noble defenders of  Das Reich, die ├╝berlebt- (The Empire that survived) pit their skill against vile Dark Elf Raiders! 

Toledo's Mudhens

General of the Empire- Captain Toledo
Battle Wizard (Fire)
Warrior Priest

21 Great Swords
20 State Troops W/ Swords and Shields
10 State Troops W/ Halberds and Shields
10 Crossbowmen
1 Steam Tank
1 Great Cannon

Dark Elf Raiders*

Dread Lord

5 Executioners
5 Witch Elves
5 Crossbowmen
10 Black Guard
10 Spearmen
1 Reaper Bolt thrower 

* I asked if that was all my opponent wanted to take and he said yep.

Will the Mudhens (the armies nickname) prevail? Lets find out-

The Mudhens ready for battle

The Dark Elf Battle line

Shades deployed forward on the battlements

Shades blown off battlements while state troops advance!

Turn 2- first blood to the Mudhens!

The lines advance

Powers cast on the steam tank giving it a 2+ base save.

The dark elves prepare to take their turn

Captain Toledo make the swordsmen immune to Battle shock

The Dark Elf Spear men move up

Witch Elves charge the Swordsmen

The assassin leaps out of the Spear men unit and charges the Halberds!

The Crossbowmen and Witch Elves double teaming the Swordsmen

Swordsmen looking thin!

The Great Swords are about to do something cool!

The Halberds manage to get two wounds on the assassin

On my next turn Captain Toledo charges the assassin wounds him and is counter attacked and wounded in return.

The Halberds activate and finish off the dastardly assassin!

The last stand of the Mudhen swordsmen

BAM! 12" charge! I said it would be cool

The remaining Black Guard, Executioners, and the Dread Lord Attack the Steam Tank

Unable to take the abuse The Steam Tank is destroyed!
My opponent ceded victory to me once the Steam Tank was destroyed gaining a moral Victory (due to the reputation of the Steam Tank in most previous editions of Warhammer) 

Toledo's Mudhens

General of the Empire- Captain Toledo- Wounded
Battle Wizard (Fire)- Unharmed
Warrior Priest- Unharmed

21 Great Swords- Wounded
20 State Troops W/ Swords and Shields- Killed to a man
10 State Troops W/ Halberds and Shields- Wounded
10 Crossbowmen- Unharmed
1 Steam Tank- Destroyed
1 Great Cannon- Unharmed

Dark Elf Raiders*

Dread Lord- Unharmed
Sorceress- Unharmed
Assassin- Dead

5 Executioners- Wounded
5 Witch Elves- Wounded
5 Crossbowmen- Wounded
10 Black Guard- Wounded
10 Spearmen- Killed to an Elf
1 Reaper Bolt thrower- Unharmed

In the end it was a minor victory for the Empire!

My record for AOS is 2-1

Till next time.


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