Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Khorne Fed Beef!

Hello All,

I took an extended break after the Nova Open but I am back. This is just a quick update to show a project I recently finished. I found this toy Minotaur on Amazon and thought it would make a cool beastmen Giant.

Stock Photo (He does not look this cool in real life)

His clothing style is more Greek than Old world so I had to "Chaos" him up a bit.

Chaos stuff added from my bits box
Then it was time to start painting.

Primed Red Brown and dusted with Khaki to make picking out details easier. 
Using basic techniques (no mind blowing discoveries here) I painted the model to match the primary theme of my Beastmen army (Khorne) I think it came out pretty good for a repaint.

Don't call him a bull...

The base is my own design

Sword from a Soul Grinder

Horns are a replacement as well (see original above)

"look at my face! Do I look like I care?!"

Size comparison with Stormcast Eternal
I think he will make a wonderful addition to my beastmen army.

Till next time



  1. Looks fantastic, though You should get him a shield about 2x that diameter :)

    I don't know how it is adhered, but adjusting the angle might help its look too!