Friday, July 12, 2013

Journal #16

Titan Update

Hello all,

Just a quick update on the current titan project. It is really starting to come along. and despite some commentary on a Christmas theme I am continuing to go with the Green and Red as it will go well with at least 3 of my armies. Well anyway here you go...

Starting to take shape

The Daddy Hand

I think this is my favorite so far


look at all the guns!

What it looks like together



I have also been continuing my work on the Space Wolves.

The fell hand

Big Dogs!

Well that's it for now...




  1. Nice progress. And enough room inside for a small mp3 player and it can play Jingle Bells. XD

    You paint on a bare wood surface? reference to the space pups.

  2. These days I have a large (12" X 12") tile on my painting desk that I paint on.
    The desk is an old El-cheapo Big Lots computer desk I bought for my first Apartment many years ago. There have been some accidents and one or two lazy moments over the years that have scuffed or painted any return value out of it. besides it's not even real wood.

    I keep it so I don't get paint on the good stuff. :)