Monday, July 29, 2013

Journal #18

"Let's Go to the Tavern"

At the Darkness?
Hello All,

Just a quick post with a bunch of pictures of the wooden Tavern the wife and I assembled over the weekend. This was a pretty neat project but a LOT of work. in all it took over 12 hours to build. It is a project from Tectonic Craft Studios

Here we go.

Getting started

the Dry fit

Some interior details



Interior detail 1

Interior detail 2

Cool Window
Overall the kit is cool. It does have some short comings in the design but this is easily out distanced by it's sheer awesomeness! Be prepared to spend many hours on this model and also be ready to "think on your feet" while building it.

This one is for the Nova Open but I am hoping to get one for myself pretty soon.

Till next time.



  1. Much nicer than most MDF stuff. And the paint scheme? The interior details are a nice touch.

  2. I am not painting this one.
    I have a second kit to assemble and paint.

    This one was to figure out how the thing goes together since there are currently no printed instructions

    I am not sure what colors for the second tavern.
    Perhaps green?