Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Road to the NOVA 2012 Part 5


(Picture Above is of my check list prior to heading out into the cold on Saturday)

Well We did it!- 3 sessions in January.

The third installment for the NOVA terrain project went off well despite the cold weather and Ice. We had a pretty good turnout of around 7 people. We even had two folks show up before Mike or I arrived!

Much was accomplished and we learned several valuable lessons. for example: Painting in really cold weather is a bad idea. This happened when we decided to texture paint some of the projects from last week. The projects are OK they just took forever to dry.

With texture paint unavailable we moved to good old household Spackle to give the buildings a "stucco" like appearance. This worked out well as you can see below.

Once everything from last week was prepped for painting we tackled some new projects. The team decided to forgo painting until the weather warms up and instead concentrate on building as much as we can in January and February.

We only had one working foam cutter as the other seems to have died. Even that did not stop our group of diehard volunteers who managed to build even more scatter terrain than they did the week before.

(The pink pieces above were from week two but you get the idea!)

On the building front we managed to get somewhere around 12 more buildings ready for texture!

At the Sunday Staff meeting our illustrious leader Mr. Brandt stated that we have managed to get somewhere around 80 pieces of terrain built in just three Saturdays along with the 80+ tables prepped this is a hell of a start for 2012!

Thanks to all of you.
Keep up the great work!


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