Sunday, December 25, 2016

AOS November Games 2016

As the weeks continued more battles were fought. I tended to get better but I started a losing streak that continued until nearly the end of December.

Game 7

Game Date:  November 1st 2016

Forces: Nurgle vs. Seraphan vs. Chaos Undivided

Type: 3 Way fight

Points; 1000 per player

Chaos advances on Seraphon

Nurgle moves forward

Pink Horrors in a flank move

Nurgle slowly advancing

Chaos prepares to charge

The Beasts collide 

The Seraphon Tank is destroyed!

The Battle for the center is on
In the end I lost by points since my army was just too slow getting to the fight. I could not get enough points to catch up by the time it was called. :(

Game 8

Game Date:  November 8th 2016

Forces: Nurgle vs. Stormcast

Type: Pitched Battle

Points: 1000 per player


Nurgle takes the first Turn

Beasts of Nurgle advance for some attention 

Nurglings see a chance to have some fun

Playtime is over for the Beasts of Nurgle

The battle for the objective begins

The Beasts of Nurgle and the Herald are dead the Nurglings tie up the Liberators. 

Big Papa advances despite taking heavy damage

The Battle for the objective continues with Stormcast reinforcements on the move

Looks bad for Nurgle

Big Papa helps his little Nurglings

The final scene
 This Battle was a Victory for Nurgle! I won by holding objectives. If it had been by points or models slain than I would have lost.

This was Election Night 2016 so I figured something was odd in the air if I could win even though I was outplayed. This is in keeping with the events of the rest of the night.

This is also where the losing streak started.

Game 9

Game Date:  November 15th 2016

Forces: Nurgle/Skaven vs. Khorne/Nurgle/Tzeentch

Type: Pitched Battle

Points: 2000 per player

Ready for Battle 
6 model unit of Beasts of Chaos

30 man units of Blaguebearers

Khorne forces

Is that a soulgrinder?

Greater Daemon of  Tzeentch casts a spell

Nurgle advances

Sneaky Git!

The forces collide 

Beasts of Nurgle are pack hunters

The fighting is hot and heavy

Big Papa enters the fight

It takes a long time to chew through 30 Plaguebearers!

In the end I lost this fight. nether of us held enough objectives to win so it came down to points and I just did not kill enough of his stuff.

I'll end this post here since that's a lot to cover.

Next time I will finish out November with some cool looking fights!

Till then



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