Saturday, December 31, 2016

Gaming in the age of Sigmar - December Games Part 2

Game 15

Game Date:  December 27th 2016
Forces: Nurgle  vs. Stormcast
Type: Pitched Battle
Points: 2000 per player

This was the final game of the series. I decided to do something special for the board and terrain so I brought in a new mat (the one from the Warpath kickstarter) and my Goblin town terrain I built in 2015. We decided that 2000 points would be a great way to end the event.

The board layout

Deploying forces

Nurgle ready for action

Nurgle from my opponents point of view

Nurgle gets stuck going first.

Short turn as I have little shooting

Stormcast start moving in

Great Unclean one CAM!

That's right two great unclean ones!

Top down view of the battle field.

Stormcast General pops in behind my line!

Javelin chucking birdmen in a flanking move. 

The battle is joined between the great unclean one(s) andthe Stormcast general.

This was a fun fight

Not looking good for the Marauders 

Stormcast General is dead!

This time around the Beasts of Nurgle were independent units.

This is about the moment where I realized I probably lost the battle.  

Lots of Killing over here.

and here.

Prep for the last fight of the game. Not looking good for me.
After my turn three I realized I had moved too many things away from my objective and left the weakest units I had guarding the one thing that could give my opponent instant victory. He noticed at about the same time. The last unit of marauders were quickly dispatched  and with the rest of the army out of range to count as disputing we did not need to do any of the remaining fights. No matter how any of them turned out the turn would end with the Stormcast holding both objectives cleanly. 

In all it was a great battle and both of us played better then we have previously in this series. I was winning handily in the secondary objective and if by some bizarre twist of reality the marauders held then I would probably won a minor victory, but as it stands I was out-played and paid for it giving my opponent a Major victory.  

Nice Job Chris!


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