Wednesday, December 28, 2016

AOS November Games part 2

Hello All,

Here is the rest of November.

Game 10

Game Date:  November 22th 2016

Forces: Nurgle/Skaven  vs. Stormcast

Type: Pitched Battle

Points: 1000 per player

Set up

Nurgle Setup

Stormcast ready for action 
Skaven, Nurglings and Blight Kings!

Plague Bearers and Clan Rats

Nurgle advances

Plague Bearers advance while the clan Rats hold the objective

Photo op

Notice the Hell Pit coming around the flank

Blight Kings attack the Stormcast general

Plague bearers advance on three units of Stormcast

Several bad rolls later the blightkings are destroyed

Hellpit attacking the unsuspecting Stormcast Hero

The forces collide

The final battle between good and evil
In the end this was another loss for Nurgle. As I said last time I started a losing streak after election day that did not end until nearly the end of December.

Game 11

Game Date:  November 29th 2016

Forces: Nurgle  vs. Stormcast

Type: Pitched Battle (Take and hold I think)

Points: 1000 per player

The setup

Stormcast advance

Nurgle advances

Plague bearers hold the objective

Big Papa movin in

This could be bad

Stormcast archers ran away

Hurry Big Papa! They need you!

Here come some more good guys...

This guy is a thorn in my side.

All the beasts of Nurgle are dead

Big Papa Charges the Stormcast General

It was a fun fight!

Another loss for Nurgle as my opponent managed to kill slightly more units to take the secondary victory condition.

Well that was it for November.

Up Next December's highlights!

Till then



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