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Gaming in the Age of Sigmar- October Games

Hello All,

October was a good month for gaming I was able to get several games in and even managed to win one. :)

Game 3
Nurgle vs. Stormcast

The cover was kind of light this game.

Turn 1 - Stormcast go first

2 units of Stormcast attacking the Might Nurglings!

Big Papa moving forward

Nurglings gone!

Holding my objective and hiding from archers.

"Let get em"

Notice the Stormcast objective is being contested.

Last turn- Victory to NURGLE!
I pulled a minor victory in this game.

Game 4
Nurgle vs. High Elves

The next week I played one of the legacy armies. A small High Elf army lead by Tyrion
This army was full of all the stuff my army is no good at fighting. Fast moving and shooting units. The entire army had shooting attacks and all but one unit was on horseback. The battle went about as well as one would expect.

Lined up for battle

Nurgle rushing forward

Go Dog Go!

Kill Tyrion!

OK that did not work so well. Big Papa get some! 
I actually managed to kill Tyrion but thanks to his stupid resurrection rule he came back at full strength! I did not have enough umph to kill him a second time.

Plague Bearers going after the Sisters.

The other plague bearers attacking the Elf Cav.

The GUO about to die vs. the resurrected Tyrion 

More Cav to support their friends

All the Plague Bearers now dead.

Last turn of the game. 
This is the second time I have been tabled in this series. It was a hard lump to swallow after two victories in a row.

Game 5
Nurgle vs. Stormcast vs. Khorne

In this game we used the "triumph and treachery" rules from the general's handbook. We played a three way battle with the Laurels of victory scenario. In this one you get points for killing the most enemy models each round  and/or having the most models in the center of the board.  It was an interesting game.

Khorne Setting up

All forces deployed- Ready for battle

Nurgle takes the first turn. 
Khorne takes their turn

Now the Stormcast

The Beasts attack Scyla Anfingrimm.
The Khorne player was using a Kirgorath to proxy Scyla Anfingrimm

The fight for the center heats up 

The fighting is getting Nasty as a herald of Khorne joins the fight. 

Notice a lack of Nurgle in the center?

Due to the way T&T works I took the first turn in round 1 but did not get to go again till the end of round 2.

The Bloodthurster makes a flank attack

Nurgle creeping up...

Scyla Anfingrimm is dead. Now for the Herald. 

Slowly moving to the center.

The beast is not dead. he is stuck to the side of the wall. 

Bye bye Herald! 

Nurgle forces have made it to the center.

Last Round I finally made some points 
In the end I came in dead last with only 2 points for the entire game. Still it was a lot of fun. 

Game 6
No Game

I was unable to attend a game on the last week of October as I was in training for my job.

So those were my games for October. Over all not too bad.

Next time- November (hopefully I will be caught up soon.)

Til then



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