Thursday, January 7, 2016

It's Back!

Hello all,

Back in 2012 I started a project that ended up getting back burnered mostly due to my fear of screwing it up. A few months later I went back to it for a while but the test pieces convinced me that I needed more practice. Well a few years and a lot of models later I finally feel that I am ready to tackle

The Brass Scorpion!

Last week I decided to pull out the parts and DO This!

Here are a few early pics.

Base Brass for the armor plates

Brass for the Brass god!
I also added some silver and started the Hull Red pattern that defines the style as seen in imperial Masterclass Volume 2.

The front claws
More to come...



  1. I know the feeling you described. I've held off painting my warhound for years at this point. You've made an excellent start on the scorpion. I am really looking forward to seeing this build progress. Fantastic model!

  2. update update update! ;)

    sorry, just can't wait to see it. and i hadn't realized it got put on the back burner.