Sunday, January 24, 2016

Painting the Great Brass scorpion Part 1

Not my scorpion 

Hello All,

Sorry for the delay. Between work difficulties, helping my mother in law get back into her home, and the snow storm that buried Northern VA in snow up to my knee I have been a little busy.

In my last post I talked about painting the Great Brass Scorpion. I have made some progress. I am quite happy with the progress and have been working on a walk through of what I have done. When complete I intend to make it into a downloadable document but I also plan to have it as a multi part tutorial.

This is Part 1.

Painting my Great Brass Scorpion (sometimes referenced as GBS) I  loosely followed the instructions presented in Imperial Armor Masterclass Volume 2 with some exceptions.

Products used
Sotar 20/20 – Airbrush
Vallejo Airbrush thinner
Vallejo Satin Varnish
Black Spray Primer
Vallejo air Hull Red- Airbrush Paint
Venetian Gold (Folk art?)- Craft paint
Vallejo air Silver- Airbrush Paint
Tamiya Hull red- Paint
Tamiya Flat Red- Paint

The Basics

The undercoat was primed in black. Contact points were taped over with painter’s tape to make attaching the parts easier. 

The entire model was base coated in Vallejo Hull Red with an Airbrush. 

The Armor plates and any obviously metal parts were then painted with Venetian Gold which looks a more like Brass than gold. This is actually a craft paint that has good pigment for a “Michaels special.”

I was also working on an Imperial bastion with a similar starting point so worked them together.
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The Road to NOVA-

A swirling pattern was painted on the armor plates and obvious metal parts using Vallejo silver. (I originally went a little crazy with the silver and had to paint over some of the cables and pipes. 

Using a combination of Tamiya Hull red and Tamiya Flat Red (50/50) I painted a wavy pattern On the Armor plates. I then added some hull Red to the mix and painted inside the already established lines to give them depth. And then added a little more hull red and repeated making the lines smaller each time till finally I was using pure Hull Red. Make sure the silver and Gold can be seen in places. 

When finished I allowed it to dry then coated it with Vallejo Satin Varnish to protect the paints and make the next step easier.  

Up Next Glazing the armor plates

Let me know what you think

Till next time


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