Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hobby Update 4/5/15

Hello All,

Just getting out a quick Hobby update.

I must be getting old because I seem to be painting slower than I used to. :)
Of course I am working on NOVA Open projects, Star Trek Attack Wing projects, as well as My own.


Next Build Session April 18th


Attack Wing

April 11th is National Tabletop Day and Game stores all over the place will be running demos of board and War games. I will be running a demo of Attack Wing from 4-5 PM at Comics and Games Fairfax  Swing by if you are interested in seeing what this is all about.


Goblin Town

I have recently started working on my own modular goblin town game board for The Hobbit SBG. It has been a bit of a trial as I do not actually have a working idea of what I want it to finally look like.
(The whole modular part.) Anyway here is where it is at right now.

A plastic box


Dead Zone

I am really liking this game. Recently I finished a cool Dead Zone board. Read about that here: 

I have also been building terrain for the game and finished 3 pieces. I decided to set them up on part of the game board.

The tower took a lot of resources but it looks so cool.



Lastly I finished 3 figures this morning and I wanted to show them off.

Ungrim Ironfist

Heinrich Kemmler

Lizzardman warrior

Well That's all I have time for tight now. 

Till next time....


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