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Warning... Attack Wing Post! (Date Changed!)

NOW May 17th noon to five PM

Hello All,

I will be running the next OP for Star Trek Attack wing next Sunday. The event is focused on one of my favorite episodes from The Next Gen series: Peak Performance. 

"With the Borg threat in mind, Starfleet stages a war-game simulation pitting Captain Picard and theEnterprise against Commander Riker and the eighty-year-old starship Hathaway. However, when the Ferengi suddenly attack, the Enterprise is crippled forcing Picard into a seemingly no-win situation." Read the full synopsis HERE

The Event will be held at my normal stomping grounds Comics and Gaming Fairfax. 

Comics & Gaming Fairfax
10385 Main Street
Fairfax, VA 22030
Telephone:      703.865.8110
E-mail: cgoffx@gmail.com

Here is the event info from Wizkids:

Peak Performance

In order to bring its forces to their peak performance level now that the Borg are an imminent threat, Starfleet has issued orders for all of the ships in its fleet to run battle simulations, creating scenarios in which newer, superior ships are battling older, weaker ones. In these simulations, all weapon systems are to be rendered harmless to prevent any actual damage from occurring. The Federation has enlisted the aid of the Zakdorn, a race known for their battle strategy, to help them in this endeavor. 
Sirna Kolrami 
The Zakdorn Master Strategist Sirna Kolrami will run the simulations and assess the performance level of all the “combatants.”

Specific Rules for this event:
1. 120 Points per fleet (From the Instruction packet)
2. Minimum 3 Ships per fleet 
4. The suggested 50 Point cap for ships waved for this OP
3. Resources are allowed (Except the one for this OP) following the Normal rules
4. Other than that use the construction rules from page 21 of the Rule Book
5. Admirals Orders are not allowed for this OP
6. Special rules from “Peak performance” (Primarily how destroyed ships are handled) -  http://wizkids.com/attackwing/star-trek-attack-wing-peak-performance-episode-organized-play-kit/

For Example:


In this event, players’ ships combat each other in a battle simulation. In this simulation, ships do not actually get destroyed. During the battle, all damage is recorded normally. If a ship would be destroyed do the following instead:
  • Remove the ship from the play area and place it on top of its Ship Card.
  • Remove all Damage Cards assigned to the ship and shuffle them into the damage deck.
  • Remove all Disabled Upgrade Tokens from all of the ship’s disabled cards.
  • Remove any Upgrade Cards discarded by the ship from the game.
  • Remove any cards that did not start the game on the ship from the game.
  • Place a Critical Hit Token on the ship’s Ship Card (see RETURNING SHIPS below).


A ship that would be destroyed under normal circumstances will return to the simulation and continue battling. To do so, during the following Planning Phase, the ship’s owner sets the ship up in his starting area, but not within Range 1 of any other ship, and continues play as normal.
When the ship returns to battle it comes into play with its Shields restored to its starting value -1 for each Critical Hit Token on its Ship Card.

NOTE: Any Upgrades that were stolen or assimilated from the ship do not return to that ship when it returns to battle.

The Links below have the rest of the story

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Tournament Overview: Here

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