Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Friends

Hello All,

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to meet and hang out with the DC Hobbit League (DCHL) Their founder and organizer is man named Devin who has made it a mission to keep the Hobbit Strategy Battle Game not only alive but to have it thrive. Since their founding in December of 2014 they have made strides most other groups only see after months (or even years) of work.

The DCHL is made up of local clubs from places far and wide including several in the DC area as well as Chicago and the Carolina's. They are also affiliated with the Great British Hobbit league that has many more clubs and groups in Great Britain.

Sunday was a lot of fun. They were playing the 4th round of a War of the Ring event. War of the ring is a mass combat version of the Hobbit SBG. They had also set up a second table where they had an amazing mock up of  Lake Town (created bu professional terrain maker Alex Wright). When I arrived they were playing a multi-player game on that table.

In all it was a productive day and I had a load of fun. I am even considering dusting off some of my collection and giving it a go with the latest rules.  


DC Hobbit League
DCHL YouTube Channel
Great British Hobbit League YouTube Channel
Great British Hobbit League Rules?

Here are a few Pictures I took while there.

This thing is awesome! 

As I said this was made by Alex Wright. Here is a link to his website: Wright War game Terrain

The Battle of Helms Deep

Cool Ent Sculpts
Over All I had a great time and I hope the DCHL thrives well into the 4th Age....

PS I finished some Warmachine Undead and wanted to show them off. :)

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