Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Attack Wing Tournament 9-14-2014

Hello All,

Last Sunday was the third in a three part event I ran at Comics and Games Fairfax. If you have been here in the last few months you will have noticed all the Attack Wing posts. This has quickly become my favorite game (Mostly because the wife likes it.) It's simple set up and breakdown make it really work for me.  The game mechanics are solid and Wizkids have managed to put their own flavor on essentially the same game as X wing by Fantasy Flight Games.

The Event (all three parts) as a hole went well with only a few hiccups along the way. (The Wizkids system breaking down, Internet troubles, Clerical errors, and late starts)I ended up with 15 different players averaging 6 per OP (Organized Play) session.  

Here are some pictures from the last OP session. (No Order)

Borg on Borg action!

Guest Photographer in the house

The Prize

Next time- A Hobby update (First post on a new project for Warhammer Fantasy)

Till then- Later


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