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The collective OP 3 FAQ for the locals

Hello All,
I wrote the following for my local event this Sunday and it addresses unanswered questions about this months Tournament event.
Collective Part 3= (Until I get a better answer)

*Note: The Below Applies to the Attack Wing Event on September 14th 2014 at Comics and Games Fairfax. This is a list of questions about the OP 3 event that have not been answered on the official FAQ at the time of this writing. The objective of this document is to be consistent and not ruin anyone’s fun.

1a) If a card like Muon Feedback Wave is the reason a Borg token is destroyed would the player using that ability get credit for the destruction?

YES: This is because the root of the damage that is caused by the effect comes from the player that used the Muon Feedback Wave (or similar effect), thus they should get the credit.

1b) If yes to question 1, what happens if both players have Muon tokens on the Borg token and it is destroyed, which player gets credit for the kill?

Damage to the BCT/BST should be applied in the same order that the Upgrades were used(. Whoever scored the “Killing Blow” gets the credit.

For example, let’s assume that Player 1 has initiative and both players placed a Muon token on the BST. The BST moves 4 straight, so it takes 3 points of damage for each token every time it moves. If this damage is responsible for destroying the BST, then determine which point was the “Killing Blow”. The first three points go to Player 1 and the next three count for Player 2. If the BST only needed 1, 2, or 3 points to blow up, then Player 1 gets the credit for the BST’s destruction. If it needed 4, 5, or 6 points, Player 2 gets the credit.

Should the ship that dropped the Muon token (or some similar lasting effect) be destroyed before the BCT/BST, then the effect is still in place and the Player who instigated the effect gets the credit, should it be responsible for the destruction of the BCT/BST.  

1c) If a card like Feedback Pulse is the reason a Borg token is destroyed would the player using that ability get credit for the destruction?

YES: The player who used the Feedback Pulse would get credit for the kill. The Root of the effect is caused by the use of the Feedback Pulse. The BCT takes damage because the player used an upgrade. The rules do not specify that it must be an attack that destroys the BCT only who makes the destruction happen.

2) What is the initiative Tiebreaker for the BCT/BST? Do they go before or after players?

The BCT and BST are considered Borg faction for Initiative. The BCT is Captain 10 and the BST is Captain 1. On a tie roll off per the BRB with the non-involved player rolling for the BCT or BST. If a three way tie (both players have Borg ships with captain 10 or 1) occurs, then the TO will roll for the BCT or BST. The results stand for the rest of the game.

3) Does the BCT count as a Captain for the purposes of GenKhan's ability? (i.e., raising his Captain Skill to 10)

YES: “Treat the BCT as if it has a skill of 10” – OP3 Document

4a) Can the BCT/BST be affected by effects that dictate or limit its movement (ex. BTBT (Borg Tractor Beam Token), EDT (Energy Dampening Token), Faked Messages)?

The BCT can be affected by these Upgrades as long as it is not forced to exceed its max move of 3, forced to move in a direction that does NOT contain other ships, or forced to bank or turn. Otherwise it fails.

The BST is not affected as it must move exactly 4 every turn until time expires, it is destroyed, or leaves the board.

4b) If so, how do they affect what direction the BCT moves (more relevant for the latter two above) ?

Per the OP3 rules, the BCT/BST can only move in straight lines. The BCT moves 1, 2, or 3 either N, S, E, or W. The BST moves 4 straight toward the furthest board edge from its starting point.

5) Do "Cannot Attack This Round" effects (like Projected Stasis Field) apply as normal to the BCT/BST?

I see no reason why Projected Stasis Field can’t be used on the BST, BCT, or an opponent’s ship. Other cases may need to be review in specific. Please address any concerns to the TO prior to the start of play.

6) How do you determine directions based on the statement "The BCT must always move in the direction of an enemy ship..." ? Should the rules from OP1 be used? The OP 1 rules are not repeated in OP 3.

OP1 rules were to help the BCT move in a logical (to the event) way. In OP3, one of the players controls the BCT and can move it 1, 2, or 3 in one of four directions N, S, E, or W. As long as the BCT’s end point is closer to at least 1 ship than it’s starting location(to the same ship), then it is a valid move.

7) If a Borg Tac Cube bumps a BCT does it still get actions? (since the BCT doesn't have a hull value >= 6)

This question was poorly written, so the question itself is subject to interpretation. Two separate versions of the question have been re-written below to allow for clarification. The answers below assume that this question was probably inspired by the instructions for what happens when the BCT overlaps another ship during the BCT’s activation. Please note that, in those instructions, the criterion is whether or not the overlapped ship has a Hull value of greater than (NOT greater than or equal to) seven (7), not six (6).

7a) If a Borg Tactical Cube (as part of a player’s fleet) bumps the BCT, does [the BCT] still get actions?

NO: The rule only applies if the BCT bumps another ship during the BCT’s movement.
*Besides the BCT gets no actions anyway
J *

7b) If a Borg Tactical Cube (as part of a player’s fleet) bumps the BCT, does [the player’s cube] still get actions?

NO: The rule only applies if the BCT bumps another ship during the BCT’s movement. If a player is controlling a tactical cube and runs into the BCT, then the player loses his actions that round for having maneuvered into an ship, unless he has an Upgrade that allows him to ignore that affect (e.g., Federation: Ilia).


All of the above questions were taken from the following site:

This forum thread is maintained by Chris Guild one of the game’s designers and is considered the “official” FAQ for attack wing. All of the questions are specific to Sunday’s event and have not been addressed (yet) by him.

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