Friday, September 5, 2014

Attack Wing September 14th 2014

Attack Wing The Collective Storyline OP Month 3 - The Battle of Sector 001

When: Sunday, Sep 14, 2014

Where: Comics & Gaming Fairfax, Main Street, Fairfax, VA

Description: Sign Up: Noon-12:50pm Event Starts at: 1:00pm Entry Fee $20 (this includes the month 3 booster required) (only $15 for Comics & Gaming store members)

**Only 10 spots available, save your spot by registering at **

Format: Sealed/Constructed format using the “The Battle of Sector 001” special rules and the standard Squad Building Rules (on Pg. 21 of the Full Rules of Play).

Details: The starting Fleet Build is 90 SP. Players will receive 1 random Booster Pack and must add 30 SP from this Booster Pack (including the ship and/or any Captain or Upgrade Cards) to their 90 SP Fleet Build bringing the Total Fleet Build to 120 SP. Stores will determine requirements for participation in this month's OP program. This may include purchase of Attack Wing product or entry fees where local laws allow.

Special: Resources from previous Events are allowed but Admiral’s Orders are not allowed for this event.

* The Wait is over- you finally get to destroy the Borg ship this time*

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