Saturday, October 11, 2014

Back from a break

Hello All,

I decided to take some time off from updating this blog (and the the Road to NOVA as well) for some much needed rest. During that time I have managed to get more settled into the new place and have gotten some hobby work done.

An attack wing event is coming up in two weeks so expect and entry or two for that but this one is about hobby projects.

So here we go.

 Attack Wing Ships

I decided to lay out my collection a few weeks ago to see what it looked like.

I also repainted several of the ships I picked up at the NOVA Open. 

The display board was from the NOVA Open Silent auction
Lastly I painted up a couple of ships I already had but thought they could use some Love

I have also worked on a few non ships for games like Fantasy, Warmachine, 40K and Hobbit

Chaos Dwarf and Great Bull Taurus 

Khazad Guard

Warmachine Mercenary 


Ork Big Mek

Well that's it for now

Have a great holiday weekend...



  1. Wow, you have a lot going on, Bob!

    I like the direction you're taking your painting. Looks like you're amping up both the color contrast and value contrast. It's making the different elements of the model very distinguishable.