Thursday, January 9, 2014

Journal 31 Warmchine/Hordes

Hello all,

Another quick update. I have great news. My wife has discovered Warmachine and Hordes! Rather she already knew about them but recently decided to give the game a go. To encourage this I gave her the starter set for circle that came with the two player set from Privateer Press.

Last Friday we played our first game. It was a small beast and caster duel (around 11 points a side.) Circle vs. Everblight. She managed a win by taking out my caster with an aggressive all or nothing charge that would have spelled her doom if it had not gone off so well. Needless to say this is what needed to happen to cement her enjoyment of the game.

The setup for our practice game

Beat-down in progress

Mad charge about to happen

The next day she started painting her circle force!  This is a big deal as she has not touched a brush since last Feb. Here is the first model she completed  the Winter Argus. Enjoy!

 Not only does she want to continue to play Hordes but she decided to get a second army this time for Warmachine. She has decided to go with Cygnar.

Till next time


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