Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Journal 30 Quick Hobby Update

Hello All,

Happy New year and all that. I Just wanted to share a fer of the projects from 2013 I have been finishing up lately. I hope you enjoy them.

The Space Rats- I am building a Veer-Myn /IG army for my son to use for Sci-Fi Games. I have finished a few models as test schemes What do you think?

The Basic Trooper 
The General

Heave weapon team

I also finished some Dwarf Models I started a while back 


Well That's all the time I have now.




  1. Some skaven have infiltrated your space rat force? Looks nice, but maybe mix some nmm with the tmm? How many thousands will you need to paint? ;) I hear grumblings about that 'restic' material Mantic uses. Do let us know what your experience is with it on the Space Rats. Veer-Myn. What imagination! :P Ah, well, better than squats.

  2. The Island of Blood weapon teams for Skaven make fine IG style heavy weapon teams. The one in the picture represents a lascanon team and incidentally fits in with the Veer-myn in that they use chemical based energy weapons in the "Warpath" background. It almost feels deliberate. :)