Sunday, September 9, 2012

Whats been going on... Hobby update

Hello All,

It's been a while since I last gave a hobby Update so here it goes-When 6th ed 40K came out I decided to really push to complete a 40K army.Though I have lots of stuff painted and I can field armies with all painted troops,  I do not have an army for 40K that I consider truly  complete. After a lengthy discussion with my wife we came to the consensus that the Space wolves would be the army to finish. Here are our reasons

1.  It is my oldest army- I started collecting it back in 2000 so it is a 12+ year old army
2.  It is mostly done already- I had less than 40 models to paint when I started the final push
3. I think they are good choice for 6th ed.- They have tons of choices and allow me to play several types of armies not just one or two
4. it is a cross section of  my painting ability over the last 12 years. You can really see how my style has changed over the years (Mostly for the better)

Well here is a shot of the most recent stuff I have worked on.

Wolf Guard (From Space Hulk)
Wolf Guard (From Space Hulk)
Wolf Guard (From Space Hulk)
Wolf Guard (From Space Hulk)

Wolf Guard (From Space Hulk)
Wolf Guard (From Space Hulk)
Work in Progress
Old School!

In other news- Dystopian Wars

 I have started painting up the French fleet take a look at these squads of Lyon Class ships.

Ocean Camo?

NOVA Open- This event was Fantastic!I hope you made it there.Here are some pictures from the Monument project... Enjoy

Korean War Memorial

All Lit up

More Lights

On display

The Washington Monument roughly 1/2 scale at 5'

"They Blew Up Congress"

 I hope enjoyed the pictures and till next time