Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ships of the Line

The Fleet sets sail

Hello All,

2 weeks ago I got a chance to play Dystopian Wars  (DW) for the first time. It was an instant hit! I played the Federated States of America and my opponent played the Prussians. We used small forces (around 700 points each) and had a hell of a game. Foe the board I pulled out my Dread Fleet  mat.

I think I was winning when we ended around Midnight but it could have gone differently if we had finished it out. This game is fantastic and I cannot say enough good things about it. In fact I was so impressed that I ordered my own Fleet! After reading the fluff from the rule book and looking around on-line I decided to go with the Republique of France. Mostly because I REALLY like their Skimmer Battleships and Cruisers!

My Fleet arrived from the Warstore earlier in the week and all other modeling projects stopped while I assembled the French Fleet. Below are some pictures I took of the assembled ships. As the DW ships come in white resin the details don't show well with my camera; so several of the pictures have been "touched up" (HDR- High Dynamic Range) to allow the detail to show through. Thank you Picasa!

MKI Magenta Class Pocket Battleship

MKII Magenta Class Pocket Battleship with Heat Lance

MKII Magenta Class Pocket Battle Ship With Main Guns

Marseille Class Cruisers

Lyon Class Frigate

Lyon Frigate Squadrons

Voltaire Class Heavy Interceptors

Tiny Flyer bases
As for my Dread Fleet game? ... While it was out I went ahead and assembled the models and even painted a few while I was waiting for the French to arrive. Here are some pictures of what's been done.

Dread Fleet

High Elf Warship with Dragons

Ghost Ship


Dwarf airship
 Just for Kicks I took this picture of a Pocket Battle Ship and the High Elf War Ship for a size comparison

I wounder if the Games can be combined?

Till next time


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