Sunday, July 31, 2011

Heavy Hitter competition 2011

I think my cat is possessed

Hello all,

Just a quick update of yesterdays exploits. My local GW store held a painting competition through the month of July that ended yesterday. The main rule of the competition was that the model chosen had to be purchased, assembled, and Painted in the month of July (This was to make it a level playing field for all contestants.)

I decided to enter. even though my schedule this summer has been brutal. For the last three weeks I have worked on my entry and Thursday night I declared it DONE! (Sanity would not let me go any farther)

Here is what I ended up with. I call it "Playing with your food"

Here are some close ups of the details...

I am especially please with the results of this model. I guess Perseverance and hard work does pay off. I say this because the other models in the event were fricking Awesome!!! I am sure they will be posted on The their Facebook Page

What surprised me the most was when they gave me this...

Well until net time



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