Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Battle of Windle's Tower (Battle Report Part 1)


Warlord Scratch Eye looked upon the abandoned tower near the Bretonnian border and squealed with Glee. His small war-band had surfaced 3 days earlier, and so far remained undetected. “This man house-cave will make a nice-nice place to plan my raid,” thought the warlord. A week earlier, the gray seer known as "Brain-Brain" had been blessed with a vision that foretold that a large chunk of Warpstone would be found on the border of the cursed Elfthing forest (Athel Loren) and the Manthing realm of Bretonnia. Warlord Scratch Eye was summoned by representatives of THE THIRTEEN to go forth and acquire this prize. As his forces approached the old tower, a horn sounded from a nearby wood, immediately followed by war cries as several dozen Wood Elf warriors seemed to materialize from nowhere on the other side of the tower. After a moment’s hesitation, Warlord Scratch Eye ordered his forces forward. The Battle was on!

This is a report for a battle between the Wood Elves of Athel Loren and the
vile Skaven raiding party of the Evil Warlord Scratch Eye. My wife who will
hence forth be referred to as Lakait took the role of the Wood Elves while
my son (Known in Skavenblight circles as Ratling the Mad) headed up the
Skaven army. The battle was fought on June 12th 2011 to an agreed point
total of 1000 points. The opponents agreed to the “Blood and Glory
scenario” (Page 148 of the rule book.) Once this was complete terrain was
laid out and the map looked something like this

Here are the armies of each player

SKAVEN (Starting Banner Points 4)

General- “Scratch Eye” – Skaven Clan Chieftain
Warlock Engineer- “Ratling the Mad (No relation)”- Level 2 Caster
Storm Vermin- “The Spartans”- 20 Storm Vermin with Shields + Ratling Gun+ Banner
Clan Rats- “Itchy Eye Clan”- 20 Clan Rats with Shields and Hand weapons + Poison wind Mortar + Banner
Jezzail Team- “Manthing Killers” – 5 Jezzail w/ sharpshooter.
2 Slave units- (Slave units don’t get cool names)- one of normal Skaven Slaves and one of captured lizard man Skinks.
Hell Pit Abomination- “Black Death” – 1 Hell Pit Abomination

Wood Elf (Starting Banner points 5)

General- “” – Wood Elf Highborn (Lord)
Lieutenant-“”-Wood Elf Noble (hero)+ Eternal Kindred
Spell Singer-“”- Wood Elf Spell Singer (Hero)
Eternal Guard-“”- 14 Eternal Guard w/ Wailing Banner
Eternal Guard-“”- 10 Eternal Guard w/ Banner
Glade Guard –“”- 10 Glade Guard w/Banner

The armies were deployed in standard style with each player taking it in turn to place Units. When finished the Map looked like this.

In the next installment we will cover turns 1 and 2 then in the 3rd and final installment turns 3, 4, and 5 will be covered. (Here is hint: the game only went to turn 5)

See you next time...


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