Monday, March 9, 2015

Attack Wing Tournament (A bust, but still a good day to Die)

Hello All,

Yesterday I ran my 4th Attack wing event and the 8th I have participated in. As far as turn out goes it was a bust with only two players showing up it was obvious who was going to walk away with a prize. (that would be all that showed up. :) On the other hand it was an opportunity to really have some fun. so on the fun scale it was a hit!. 

The two players who showed up were both former champions and the battles they fought (we did best of three) were epic. One player brought the "Balls of Steele" (two Borg Spheres) and a Romulan Drone ship while the other brought a pure Vulcan fleet (to honor the late Leonard Nimoy.)

The first round went quick with the Vulcans getting crushed in less tan a half hour

The Board Layout (markers represent ship eating bacteria)


More setup

The Balls of Steele

First turns

The Romulan Drone ship drops "Cloaked Mines"

Then the Borg Spheres move in for the Kill

Notice the floating mines

It went south for the Vulcan Fleet pretty fast at that point
Down to one ship

In rounds two and three both players agreed that the Borg list was a little too hard for such a light turn out. So the Borg player brought out a 2nd list he made up. This one primarily Klingon in the form of the Negh'var and the Regents's Flagship (Also of the Negh'var class.) as well as the Romulan Drone ship (This time without the cloaked mines.)

The battles were a little closer but the Klingons were also able to defeat the Vulcans. 

It Begins

moving forward

The Negh'var has been destroyed
Round two was the closest the Vulcans came to victory as they destroyed the mighty Negh'var like it was a practice target. In the end the Klingon's were victorious even outnumbered.

Round 3- The Vulcans lose a ship early on

Down to one ship the Vulcan cruiser makes a break for it 

Near the end.
The Vulcan Ship almost gets away but is
destroyed by the Bacteria that has been plaguing both fleets
All three games were awesome to watch as each player tried to out maneuver the other. It was a great day and I am glad I ran it.

More on this soon- Keep April 11th in mind. if all goes well I will be running Attack wing demos on this day at Fairfax comics and games (That is A Saturday.) We are working on trying to build the community so come on out.



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