Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hobby Update for Feb

Hello All.

Just a quick update on February activities. Not much to tell really as work is keeping me pretty busy. I Have managed to get a few things done despite the lack of a lot of free time.

 I have a scheduled another OP event for March 8th. We will be playing an episode OP called "A MATTER OF HONOR" - Learn more here

While I was at it I painted up another Attack wing ship. This time the USS Equinox

I think it came out pretty good...

The First Scheduled terrain build was canceled due to weather last week. It has been rescheduled for this Saturday. Come by if you can. 


I managed to get a few things done for my Everblight Hordes army

There are actually 6 of the keepers


When I left my last job some of my coworkers got together and got me some cool swag for the new job- A keurig coffee maker, a Manager survival kit (complete with everything I would need for the new job including Tums, Pepto Bismol, and for especially bad days a tube of Preparation H.) One gift stood out. A great guy named Eric bought me an army as a going away present. (Eric if you see this - Thanks!) The army he picked was the Mantic-Warpath- Forge Fathers which is cool as I did not have that one. 

I have put together most of the box and even picked up some extras to fill it out. I even managed to paint a few. now to find an opponent. :)

I am going with a paint scheme close to the GK  one I did in 2011.

Well that's all I have for now


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