Monday, March 24, 2014

Journal 40 (200 th post!!!!!!!)

Hi All,

This my 200th post on the RGH! It's hard to believe that this blog will turn 4 this June. WOW.
Anyway. This was a pretty good weekend even though it ended with me under the weather.

Friday- Got a chance to play Talisman and Star Trek Attack Wing


I got to play the Defiant in a 2 on 2 match up. I almost won! I did manage to take out the Excelsior before getting blown apart by a Klingon Bird of Prey.
Saturday- We had our 6th Build session of 2014. It was a blast! See the post here.
Sunday- My family took me out to see Divergent then Lunch at Outback.
The movie was pretty cool if a little long. The rest of the day was spent repainting my Klingon fleet for Attack wing. Man do those per-paints suck! I can see why people prefer the X Wing miniatures. Here is what I did.

 Unfortunately by Sunday night I started to feel bad. I think I managed to pick up a cold somewhere.
Anyway that was the weekend.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Journal 39 More Fun Updates

Hi All,

Today's Post is short but sweet. More of what I have been working on. The three Projects I am focused on at the moment are My Everblight force for Hordes, My Leviathan Mortis, and Water features for the upcoming NOVA Open. Here is where I am at:


I am currently working on the Archangel Gargantuan for Everblight. Here is what it looked like a few days ago

Needs some Gap filling!

I will have current pictures up soon!

Leviathan Mortis

I bought this thing last November as a Black Friday sale item from the manufacturer. It was on sale for around 80.00. Pretty good for a small Titan. I was inspired to build it because my buddy is building my Knight Titan and did not want him to have all the fun!

The First thing I built was a leg

Then another...

This is where I am as of 10 PM tonight.

Water Features

This years Fantasy event at the NOVA Open will have Water features on every table. It has come to me to design the piece. I thought small ponds. 6" on a side. Check out the work in progress.

Left Spackle concept right Glue/Sand Mix
Here are the finished prototypes (Complete with fake water)

What looks better?

Green was added to mix to make nasty water

Water left clear to see airbrushing on bottom

Notice the hand

And the Skull

That's all for tonight



Saturday, March 8, 2014

Journal 38 a few Updates


Sorry about the delay in posts. Life and Nova have been taking a lot of my time recently. To make it up to you here are some pictures of stuff I am working on.

First up Malifaux

I finally decided to finish the Malifaux crew I started back in 2010 "Spirits of Vengeance" Though I have not read the latest version of the rules nor did I ever really understand the 1st ed rules I do like the models. So her they are (This picture is not the best but you get the idea)

I am not even sure how many "points" this is worth...
Next 40K

40K has been the sigh in my life recently. All of the new codex books and digital editions have really turned me off. I remember when folks complained that GW was not fast in getting new stuff out but this is like they took the governor off the engine and pushed it wide open. TMI has a new meaning when GW is involved. I really want to like it but... 

Anyway its hard to find energy to work on 40K stuff lately but I did mamage to work on some Nids between Malafaux and Warmachine projects. 

Not New but I don't remember if I have pictures

Here is where I am currently focusing my energy these days. I am no great player but I do enjoy the fluff of the setting. 

Avatar Of Menoth (Without shoulder drapes)

Not done but the red effect is with my airbrush

Duck Board bases I made with sand and coffee stir sticks
Lastly an update of the Pirate army

I have finally finished the crew of the "Bloody vengeance" (Fixated on Vengeance much???)  I really need to keep up with this army as it will be a fun one to use.

30 man crew

Well that's it for now. I hope you enjoyed all the new stuff.