Thursday, March 20, 2014

Journal 39 More Fun Updates

Hi All,

Today's Post is short but sweet. More of what I have been working on. The three Projects I am focused on at the moment are My Everblight force for Hordes, My Leviathan Mortis, and Water features for the upcoming NOVA Open. Here is where I am at:


I am currently working on the Archangel Gargantuan for Everblight. Here is what it looked like a few days ago

Needs some Gap filling!

I will have current pictures up soon!

Leviathan Mortis

I bought this thing last November as a Black Friday sale item from the manufacturer. It was on sale for around 80.00. Pretty good for a small Titan. I was inspired to build it because my buddy is building my Knight Titan and did not want him to have all the fun!

The First thing I built was a leg

Then another...

This is where I am as of 10 PM tonight.

Water Features

This years Fantasy event at the NOVA Open will have Water features on every table. It has come to me to design the piece. I thought small ponds. 6" on a side. Check out the work in progress.

Left Spackle concept right Glue/Sand Mix
Here are the finished prototypes (Complete with fake water)

What looks better?

Green was added to mix to make nasty water

Water left clear to see airbrushing on bottom

Notice the hand

And the Skull

That's all for tonight




  1. What did you use for the water? And, want some C&C?

  2. The water is some stuff the wife has for working with fake flowers. It's a 2 part resin that hardens clear. I think she got it at AC MOORE. What is C&C?

  3. I used my airbrush to paint the bottom of the piece and make it look like it gets deeper towards the middle. (Tell me if it worked)

    I also added some Green wash to one of them to change the effect of the water.

  4. Criticism and Commentary. The water looks fine as far as depth goes, but remember that where it touches the shore, you need to add some high gloss to the ground so it looks wet. Consider embedding rocks along the edges in parts too. Add some ripples on the surface of the water. I use Golden's acrylic glazing liquid (also makes nice glazes with paint.) and Liquitex gloss super heavy gel. Both are milky white, but dry clear.

    Here, some photos of it. and A really light white drybrush to highlight the water and boom! great water effects. :) The actual water part is a 2 part epoxy resin, probably very similar to the one you used. I got mine at the Home Depot. Didn't think a craft store would carry it. Now I'll have to look around in the fake flower section, again. As you can see from the photos, I've been there at least once ;)

  5. Oh, and the spackle concept looks better, since It covers the edges of the base. Spread some fine grain sand on it to add a bit of texture, something to catch the drybrushing. Not too much though.

  6. Wow. your fountain looks great!. I will give your suggestions a go and see if I can get it to work. I have a center piece model in mind for such an effect. The NOVA project will make an excellent test bed.

  7. Thanks. It is part of the Infinity table I am slowly building. I sent you the link to the thread at some point.