Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A short Update.

Hello all,

This has been a poor week in gaming since my last post.
Number of games attempted= 1
Number of games played= 0

But no worries. I had a great time hanging around the GW store last Friday night. I met a few new people (always good), talked a lot of painting (one of my favorite subjects), And got to tell some of my favorite funny stories (usually involving "DA" moments from the past.)

Note: One interesting thing I did see was a kid wearing a pair of those shoe/roller skate hybrids. I used to see them all the time but the last few years they seemed to be on the decline. When you see kids skating around on these things have you ever wanted to just stick you foot out and give natural selection a hand? I commented about this at the shop and was surprised to find that the same thought was on most of our minds as the child scooted by for the 3rd time in 10 minutes. Interesting...


On the Friday before the NOVA open I picked up a copy of Malifaux from Victory comics in Falls Church. I have been reading it and think I have a handle on the rules. I don't have any of the miniatures nor a Fate deck yet. I Like the Guild and Outcasts so far but I think each faction is really cool.

I am hoping I can get my wife to play and rekindle her enjoyment of tabletop war-games. I want to avoid her becoming "Mundane" at any cost.

To anyone reading this who also plays Malifaux any advice would be appreciated.


  • This weeks painting project- Land Raider.
  • I am finally painting my Land raider Redeemer
  • I finished the Dwarf "Goblin Hewer" and plan to run it as a grudge thrower.
  • I assembled the rest of my Chaos Warriors/Knights last week and used them to bulk up my already established units.
  • I now have 5 units of 20 warriors not counting "Chosen"
  • I have 4 units of 10 Knights including 1 with lances.
Well that's enough for now. I hope to get a game in this Friday but if not I know the conversation will be worth the trip.



  1. I really like the Malifaux figures. I would get them even without the game.

    The game system is pretty cool. using cards instead of dice is an interesting touch.

    But the main thing I like is the scale. I wanted a game with a small scale (1-12 or so) troops per side. kind of Necromunda/Mordheim like but without all the GWisms that make it break easily. I like the detail in each unit even the generic ones.

    The Setting is also different enough to keep my attention. Spellslinging, Steampunk, Wild west, in a parallel dimension to earth accessible through a portal that has train tracks running through it to the other side.