Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rules discussion- Firing a cannon (Warhammer Fantasy)

Hello all,
I recently got asked a question about shooting cannons in Warhammer Fantasy. A friend played in a recent tournament and his opponent was shooting cannons over his own troops to target his units. My friend wanted to know if this was allowed.
I hit the basic rulebook and started my research. I liked my reply so much I decided to make it into a post.  

Ok- Here is the breakdown-

LOS- for a model to have LOS to another you must be able to trace an unblockable line from it's eyes (BRB wordage meaning the point or origin) to any part of the body of the target- Page 10 BRB

Shooting- "Check that the shooter can see the target" - Page 39 BRB
  • Must be in shooter's forward arc
  • must be able to trace a line to the target
War Machines- Page 109 BRB
  • Pivot to face target (does not count as moving)
  • Point of origin is the firing point of the War machine- (Cannon muzzle) 
Cannon- Cannon do not use ballistic skill they use the bounce rules- Page 112 BRB
  • Choose Target- "Nominate a point within the war machine's Line of site that is not outside the cannon's max range."
  • This does not have to be a unit it can be a point on the ground. 
  • you are not allowed to make a cannon shot in such a way that it has a chance of hitting a friendly unit or an enemy unit engaged in combat
What does it all mean?
The cannon can fire over any unit that does not:
  • block LOS (Being on a hill is good for this)
  • is not in ANY danger of being hit
The fact that the target is a point on the battlefield is irrelevant as the cannon must be able to draw an unmodified line to that point. If the player has a friendly unit inside the safe zone (point 2) but obscures the target point it should not be able to fire as the friendly unit is in the way.
I double checked vs. the current FAQ and no contradictions have been found.
So if your opponent is trying to use his own troops as cover (Like a 50 man block of Halberdiers) call shenanigans you may just be right. 
Till next time

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  1. Back in the days of 4th-6th ed, I used my cannons as sniper weapons. It's nice to be good at estimating distances ;)