Sunday, June 8, 2014

Feat of Service 2014

Hello all,

Yesterday was the first full blown charity event put on by the recently formed "Nova Nomads" LLC. This is the local community for Warmachine/Hordes in the Northern VA region. They (We as I am a member) boast 30+ members and take over Fairfax Games and comics (Fairfax) every Wednesday night. Saturday's event was a ripping success raising several thousand dollars for the chosen charity.

Here is what the President of the Nomads had to say:

"After expenses we raised $3,348.78 for the Wounded Warrior Project.  Between the NC Gunbunnies podcast and another interview I'm doing today on Forgot to Feat we are already getting the word out for next year."

More Pictures can be found here


Activities included a silent auction, door raffles, and a  round robing gaming event with a "build your own caster"and "spell draft" as part of the fun.

Some of the silent auction items:

So cool!

The NOVA Open LLC. was one of the supporters and supplied several beautiful terrain elements along with the use of some of our equipment for building their own cool looking terrain.

The event started around 10 but I was not able to get there till after 1 so things were in full swing. It really was the place to be for Warmachine!

To all the Nomads reading this- Well done!

I look forward to 2015!


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