Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Terrain Project

Hello all,

I have recently been commissioned to build a tables worth of terrain for a buddy of mine. It needs to be able to support Warmachine, Fantasy and even 40K. The requestor has asked for Hills, a water feature, some Tree bases, a building, and some low walls.

Well tonight I got out the old wire cutter and attacked some foam.

1" Foam

Template #1

Template #2

 I decided to make the Fantasy hills as single layer 1" hills with straight sides for use with warmachine and Fantasy.

8" hill

25 Black Orcs

25 Black Orcs

This is why I went with straight hills

Good for accuracy
I then tackled the 40K hills. these need to be taller to allow total LOS blocking for small vehicles and Troops.
Hill #1
Hill #2

A ladder will be added in the grove

With models on it

Wide enough for 40mm bases no problem 
 Lastly I made the structure for a Farm House for the Fantasy/Warmachine building.
Still needs Trimming
Here are all of todays work with a bonus Partial LOS blocking ruins I am adding as an extra.

Well that's that...

Till next time


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