Friday, June 24, 2011

The Last week...

Hello All,

The RGH here with a Hobby report. My report is as follows.

There is no hobby report.

Instead I have spent the last week in in exile (last weekend) and as part of a local (My kitchen) disaster recovery team.

Last Friday (June 17th) the renovation team working on the apartment above mine cut into the fire sprinkler system and ruptured a pipe causing a torrent of water to flood that apartment then flow through the walls down into mine. about 30 seconds later the pressure change in the fire suppression system caused the alarms to go off. The fire department showed up 20 minutes later. Water was coming in through every seam and corner. it was a constant flow not just a bad drip. You could see it traveling across the ceiling. It was Bad.

Like this but not nearly as cool!

It took the Fire department 45 minutes to find the proper valve to shut off the water. The entire time the alarms continued and my apartment began to float away. :(

The cat went ballistic and scratched the hell out of me when I attempted to get her out of te apartment. She had to be taken to a relatives house to calm down.

When it was over there was around an inch of standing water in my kitchen and a big part of the carpet on the dining room was soaked. Looking up you could see the water trail clearly (Still dripping.)

The Contractors took full responsibility for the incident and offered to make repairs but the Apartment management decided to go with a company that specialized in this sort of disaster. These guys are real pros. They came in the same day and and tore out all of the bad drywall, carpet padding, and ceiling padding. They placed 5 Heavy duty floor/ceiling drying fans in the kitchen and dinning room and a dehumidifier the size of R2-D2 in the kitchen in an attempt to dry the place out fast.

Looks like a Whistle

The D in R2-D2 stands for Dehumidifier

We were told that we could not stay in the apartment for at least 24 hours (We ended up staying away for 48.) We stayed at the relatives house with the Cat. I hardly slept (Damn lumpy couch.) When we could get back in the fans and stuff were still working (Loudly.) We ended up holding up in the back bedroom till everything was fixed (Tuesday) going out only for work and other necessary reasons. By COB Monday the drywall and insulation was back up and the walls and ceiling repainted. By Tuesday the carpet padding was done.Tuesday night we started putting our home back together.

While we were displaced The wife and I worked on Fantasy army lists in Army builder. We put together some crazy stuff that we hope to try out as soon as we get the apartment back to fighting form...



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