Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hobby Update 6/9/11

Hello All,

Just a quick Hobby update to keep everyone in the loop on my current projects.

First off The Grey Knights project

Due to the recent price increases I was forced to drop my original idea of one unit at a time. Instead I have decided to jump straight in with several purchases over the last few weeks.
I have not developed a proper list but I have decided to go Vehicle heavy (A change for me since most of my 40K armies are infantry driven.)

I have managed to complete the Dread Knight in all its Glory... (I love magnets)
The Basic Model

Loaded with Guns and Sword

Hammer time

I also modified this Fantasy Empire Warrior Priest into a Grey Knight Inquisitor I shall call him "mini Coteaz"

He knows the bird is the word


Painting has been at a low for the last few weeks and my update shows it. Here are a few pics of other stuff I have
been working on

The two lizards are rubber toys I picked up at a Craft store and repainted.

The Giant Skeleton is from Reaper.

Sort of Tomb King like... :)

As always- enjoy!


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