Friday, November 5, 2010



I have completed the last unit of Clanrats of the original Skaven army (less the island of Blood set)
That take it to over 100 Clanrats fully painted. + all the other stuff in the army. I will post the complete army as soon as I can gets some shots of it.

The last unit of Clan Spear-rats deserves special mention. In a battle fought long ago this unit held against a charge of Ugla Khan's Wolf Riders to the front and Vesparo's Vendetta in the flank. The Skaven general managed to get insane courage after losing enough troops to need a 3 to pass. Then the next turn, in an event that boggles my mind to this day, the depleted unit of ratlings managed to WIN the combat while the RGH rolled a massive double 6 and fled only to have the Skaven run the wolf riders down and destroy them!

It was decided that they should get a special paint job for their awesomeness. I decided to base them (loosely) on the Spartans as depicted in the movie 300. Notice the non skaven like banner and the general aggressive positioning of the models and I think you will agree that it was a good call.

So without further delay I give you The Rats of Clan SPARTA


  1. Awesome, I wish you could put some blown up images on here.

  2. Best I can do for now...

    Look at whats coming next.

  3. Of course, you know that all the effort you put onto doing these guys up will lead to them running off at the first sign of trouble for the first 5 or so games and generally being an embarassment. It's the way our fickle dice gods work I'm afriad. Still rocks though.

  4. lol Love the Caution sign pic! ^.^

    And you know already I think all your figures are painted awesome :)