Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hobby Update

Hello all,

I have a few things to show off today.
So I will get right to them.

First off: Finally finished and ready for your enjoyment The Warhound!!!

This guy was fun to paint but the prep work was a real chore. I have decided to call him "The old wolf of Fenrus" With idea that it is gift (long term loan) from a forge world that the Space wolves saved long ago. It is a legionary monster in the myths of the primitives who live on Fenrus. Actually its the titan being taken on maneuvers every few years. :)

Next up is a Skaven update. The Skaven project is drawing to a close and these are the last of the official project. I will try to get the Island of Blood Skaven done by years end but it's just "gravy" at this point.

Here are the last of the SKaven project...

The Background statues are from the ruins of Osgiliath set for LOTR SBG and WOR.




  1. Nice paintjob.

    I've never liked that model... even back in the old Epic days... It is more "wolfy" than the newer ones...

  2. I love the titan, given its appearance I think giving it to the Wolves is a great idea.

    On to more important, less round base things, I think those 2 skaven came out great! you keep outdoing yourself. Especially since, now that I've seen it painted, that other Warlock design is a very busy model.

  3. Your sword- I agree that the new model is worlds better. I think mine will hold me till I can raise the nearly 1K needed to kit out a proper Warhound.

    Robert- Glad you like the Skaven lord. He was really fun to paint. The warlock was not so much. way too much detail for a non-named character. Hell I have several named characters that are much less detailed!

    Both- Thanks for the kind words!

  4. Hi ! :D Great paintıng as always. You even gave the Warhound a gloss finish like it is shiney metal.