Sunday, October 24, 2010

Skaven Update


I just wanted to take a minute and show off the latest completed project. A while back I showed you the modified Screaming Bell I did for my son's Skaven army.

When the bell was put together we decided to build a unit of Clanrats that were dedicated to the it. We put them together and painted them up to a table top standard. I did the Bell and the Son worked on the Rats. The only thing we did not do was the bases.
Flash forward to about a week ago. I went through the Skaven army to see what still needed painting. When I saw the Bell Crew (as we call them) Still sitting with plain bases I decided to take action.

it took a few days since there were actually 5 Rats that did not get painted on the first go. I also created place holders for 5 Clanrats to bring the unit up to 35 and with the Bell in place they form a Horde 50 in size!

I matched the bases to the rest of the army.

Take a look.

Yesterday I purchased the new Skaven one-off Leader for the Island of Blood.

I will post pictures of him when he is more presentable.


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