Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Under the weather

Hello all,

I have been sick since Saturday morning. I got up with a slight twinge in my throat and I knew this three day weekend would suck. I was like a psychic because the next 4 days were pretty rough.

The weekend started out so good too. I took the wife out to dinner and a movie. Dinner at Fridays and "Life as we Know it" for the film. Both were enjoyable. obviously the quiet before the storm.

Saturday was the worst (A sore throat makes me miserable company. Just ask my wife.) I did not feel particularly bad other than my throat but it was enough. The wife took me out to try to make make feel better. we stopped by Huzzah games. (my first time there) I really liked the store and for a few minutes I forgot about my suffering. She bought me a GF9 Tac template and bought herself the Showgirls crew for Malifaux. I saw Bill from the "gamers lounge" and said hello but did not want to get too close since I figured I was coming down with something and did not want to "share the love." They were playing Malifaux and I was a little down because I could not stay to watch and learn. I plan to return soon. (The Wife is reading the Malifaux book and thinks the Tuesday night games might be a good idea.)

The rest of the day just got worse. By Sunday afternoon the sore throat was gone and I thought I was past the worst of it...
I was wrong. The stuffy nose and fever started Sunday night and continued through Monday into Tuesday. I tried to sleep on Monday night only to find that I was unable to do so. Whats even worse I kept waking the Wife up with my "belly Aching." I ended up spending the entire night watching "Life after people." At 2 AM I sent my job the email for not coming in on Tuesday. I spent Tuesday recouping and catching up on sleep.

Wednesday was my first day back. I am pleased that I got many "welcome backs" and "glad your back" My boss told me I was not allowed to take any more days off ever... I guess I was missed. :)


on the + side I got lots of painting done. So here is a quick breakdown.


I finished my set of defense lines and the last of my Orlock and Goliath gangers.


My "Spirits of Vengeance" crew is really coming along. I finished the Onryo I think they look Smashing.


I painted up a unit of 8 Kazad Guard and a Dwarf Standard Bearer.

I also painted Buhrdur The Troll lord from the Angmar Army!

Anyway not bad for a few sick days!!!



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