Sunday, September 19, 2010

UPDATES (Long Post)

Hello All,

Here are a few Updates!!!

The Necromunda Thursdays is a go! We get the tables on Thursday nights at the FairOaks Games workshop. I have not been able to get into contact with the fellow that started the idea. but I intend to press on. So here we go...

The games will use the standard Gangs: (subject to change)

(Information is from Wikipedia and used without permission)


House Cawdor is the stronghold of the Cult of Redemption. For this reason all of the gangers wear masks in public to hide their faces from the 'infidels' of the other houses. They are known to hunt mutants and heretics to the point of fanaticism (part of the redemptionist influence) which bring them into conflict with gangs who would utilize them.


Other hivers are justifiably suspicious of House Delaque, who specialise in spying and assassination. The gangers often wear large trench coats, with large internal pockets for concealing weapons and other large items. Most are bald and extremely pale. Many wear visors, goggles or have light filters implanted into their eyes, a sensitivity to light being a common Delaque weakness. Delaque territory is even more dimly lit than the rest of the hive, fitting for a people who are shrouded in mystery.


Strikingly different from the other houses, the Escher population is almost entirely made up of women. The few men that are there are shrivelled and imbecilic and play no part in the normal affairs of the Escher. Men are held in contempt and pitied by the Escher, especially those of House Goliath who are seen as simple, brutish and unsophisticated.


Size and physical strength are everything in House Goliath. Their territory is situated in some of the harshest areas of the Hive City of Solitude. Their gangers favour mohawks, piercings, thick chains and spiked metal bracers as well as heavy coats that protect them from rain water.


Also known as the House of Iron, these hivers mine ferrous slag pits deep in the hive. Orlock gangers often wear sleeveless jackets and headbands. Recent events have brought them into direct opposition with the Delaques, involving the sabotage of Delaque facilities and an assassination of Lord Hagan Orlock.

Van Saar

The Van Saar are known for the extremely high quality of its technical produce. Spear Soldiers, or often referred to as Ga-8 in the Spire will pay handsomely for Van Saar goods, making them the wealthiest of the houses. The Van Saar are marked out by their tight fitting body-gloves which help to sustain them in the harsh hive environment. Older Van Saar are often seen sporting a neatly trimmed beard. The Imperial Punishers often recruit regiments from the Van Saar.

Other Gangs are allowed but must be approved before use these include:

Enforcers, Redemptionists, Pit Slaves*, Ratskin tribes, Scavvies, and Spyre Hunters.

*Must find a copy of the last known rules and bring them to the game

The living rulebook from the GW site will be used -
  • Hired troops can be used but ONLY those from the living rulebook.
  • Proxi- models can be used- Must be be consistent WYSIWYG - ie: if a Space Marine trooper armed with a Bolter is said to be armed with an autogun than all Bolters in the gang MUST be autoguns!
  • The Normal campaign rules are in effect- ie: pick a senario, Play it, do after action rolls with a witness (Must be a person in the campaign, Me, or a store employee)
  • Must keep the same gang through out the series.
  • Must have fun!!!
I am providing 3 extra gangs for folks to play as needed. they will also grow as the game progresses.

Here are the Gangs I am bringing (including mine)



Van Saar (An example of using normal Imperial models with little or no conversions)

Escher (An example in conversions Dark Eldar, Wood Elf, and Imperial)

I am looking forward to this series!!!


What is Old is New!

Newly painted Rhino for the Space wolves!



Here is a teaser of my new Warhound titan. (It's coming along)



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  1. The Wolves have another rhino? that's 3 isn't it?
    Cool Titan, I like the color.

    Necromunda, It's too bad I'm stuck down here. I love that game.