Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Size Chart!! (My Cygor is not as small as it looks)

Hello all,

Last week I brought out the new Cygor for my beast army. It was built from the new Demon Prince and the head of the Chaos Giant. it looks like this.

I took some friendly feedback that it was too small, but I don't really think it is. :)
He looks short because I put him on a mound. This was because the Demon Prince kit is a Little too short for me. In all it adds to the look and make him on par with other Large Based Monsters.

Here he is compared to a high elf.

He seems beefy enough to me.

I understand where the guys were coming from. the current concept is "bigger is better!"
Hell Pit Abominations, All the new beast monster variations, Hydras, and Dragons; most armies seems to have a large monster of some sort in it. Everyone I see is bigger and more impressive than the last. I decided to scale it back to more traditional sizing. I wanted it to fit on a proper 50X50 base. I also felt that if I used the WH Giant as was suggested to me it would take away from the awesomeness of that creature. In my opinion a "Giant" should be the largest humanoid model on the board.

I did a scale photo to show different models standing together just for comparison. All of the models are GW except the smaller of the two giants.

He is a Reaper and is about the same size as the old metal GW Giant.

Her is the Pic...

As you can see the Cygor is about the same size as the old Giant and if you count the spines he is at the shoulder of the current Giant. Not to bad...

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  1. Yeah, In scale he looks plenty beefy. The problem with those plain background photos is that you get no perspective.