Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018!

Hello All,

Lets hope 2018 is a better year than all before it!

I have been away for a while and would like to say that I will be back in force this year, but one of the things I am trying to do for 2018 is not over-extend myself when it comes to what I can and cannot do. My life has gotten very busy over the last few years (those that know me know what I am talking about.) 

That said it should be pretty easy to beat 2017's 6 posts for the year. Hell I am already 1/6 of the way there. :)  I preparation of the new year I have also updated my Blog image. I hope you like it.

For those that are newer to this spot here are the previous Blog images I have used. I had a lot of fun putting them together.

The original from 2010. I used it until early 2013 when I decided to change it. 

The first time I changes it I made this picture. My inspiration was the
NOVA Open's Narrative theme that year Invasion DC.

The update for 2014. Inspired by a model used in NOVA Open's Charity raffle.

The 2015 Update. Inspired by a really weird day.

2016 Update. Yes that is the dead Blood Angel from the Space Hulk. The background is a
spacescape I painted for a different project, but thought it would look good here as well.
2017- This was my first attempt using AOS as the theme.

The current image. very different from my normal work and a
lot simpler. but it has a certain charm that I like. 

Well here is to a great year and hopefully a crap ton of content. I have a lot of projects that have been on hold for most of the last year and this might be the year I get to some of them.  Here is hoping anyway...

Till next time


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