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1/21/18- Enjoying the new AOS Nurgle Book- Tallyband

Hello All,

The new Maggotkin of Nurgle book is out and I am really excited. 

As a long time Nurgle player I was a little apprehensive of the changes to some of my favorite battalions- Specifically the Tallyband. In my opinion it was the only (pre-maggotkin book) straight Daemon battalion worth taking as the regeneration rule was frequently the only thing standing between me and getting tabled.

Recently I discussed this formation with a friend and went over the differences between the old and new Tallyband.


I have completed my deep dive on the new Nurgle book. 
I am much relieved that the book is not as bad as I first thought.

The Tallyband took a hit in some ways but got better in others. 
It is easier to put together (design a list that uses this formation)

Old/New Requirements

GUO: Once Required is now Optional

I can still add some punch but I don't have to tag along...

Herald: Once optional now1-3 are required- and you can use the new heralds if you want. 

Units: You needed to choose 6 units selected from Plague Bearers, Heralds, Beasts, Drones, and Nurglings 

Now its simply 4-6 units of Plague bearers and/or Drones and 0-3 units of beasts or Nurglings. 

Special abilities: (in hero phase)

heal 1d3 wounds per unit within 21 inches of the GUO


heal 1 wound per unit anywhere on the battlefield. 

(In both cases plague bearers return 1d3 models to the unit)

The secondary ability of the Tallyband has completely changed. Now it can add contagion points that are part of the strange summoning rules that I am still trying to get my head around.


100 (200 post 2017 general’s handbook) 




After looking it over I have decided that the new Talleyband is not better than the old version nor is it worse. It is merely different. It is definitely more flexible but at the cost of combat efficiency. Dropping the GUO allows the the battalion to be put together cheaply, but it still costs 700 points for minimum units/unit size (one herald and 4 units of 10 plague bearers) 

Overall I think the changes work and makes the formation “Good” without becoming a must take battalion.

Some of the other Battalion options are just as good (some may even be better - only time will tell) and I look forward to finding out!

Till next time


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