Monday, May 8, 2017

The Glottkin painted at last

Hello all,

Early On

Last September (2016) I was invited to join the Victory Gamer's group for an Age of Sigmar 15 week campaign. I decided to play my (Then very basic and badly painted) Nurgle Daemon army. Over the weeks of this campaign I built and painted (not to mention repainted) a ton of units for this and a mortal Nurgle army. I will post a complete list with Pictures once I get it all together.

One of the pieces I purchased for the Mortal arm of the army was the Glottkin. This was before I discovered just how awesome the Harbinger of decay is.

This guy is amazing in the game.

During The Campaign

Anyway it sat in its box for some time before I decided to assemble it in December. Unfortunately before I finished assembling it the campaign was over and I lost the urge to tackle it. So it sat on a shelf, assembled, but not painted (or even on a base.)

Post Campaign

One day in February I applied a few layers of paint with my airbrush (Primer and a few base coats) and started working on the other brother Glott, but only for a little while before I moved onto something else. and that is the way it stayed until mid April when I learned that I would be moving soon and would have to pack it up for a while (4-6 MONTHS) no way was I going to leave it in this state for that long!

I started painting like mad on it and last week I finished it to a state I am happy with.

I give you

The Glottkin! (Or Nurglings day out)

I used Water effects with white paint to make the splashing effects.

I am quite pleased with how the big fellow came out. Let me know what you think.

As a teaser for next time here is a quick video of the army I took when I was repacking it.

Right HERE

Till Next time!


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