Wednesday, May 17, 2017

First Game of Shadow War

Hello All,

This past weekend I was finally able to get a game of Shadow War Armageddon going with my son. Our board is pictured above. The main structure is the old Necromunda starter set (Which still holds up after all these years.) and some terrain from Infinity that I picked up from the NOVA Open last year. It has been a long time since I used an all card stock table and it felt really nostalgic. The mat is a F.A.T mat "factory"

We decided to play Scenario 1. Essentially the "pitched battle" variation for this game.

The forces

I chose to use Skitarii (Dark Mechanicum) made from leftover Skitarii parts, Deadzone Zombies, and War Game factory Great Coat troopers.

All were armed with ether G. Rifles or R. Carbines. The leader had a R. Pistol. 3 had Frag Grenades  (but never got a chance to use them.)

My opponent chose the Space Wolves.

7 wolf Brothers armed with Bolt Pistol and Combat blades. No other upgrades were chosen.

Everyone posing for an after action group shot
The game did not go so well for me as you will see.

My Deployment

Space Wolf Deployment
The wolves took the first turn and ran full tilt
forward staying in cover... mostly

The Space Wolf Sergeant and one brother ran out
on the walkway in a cinematic charge.
My forces also moved forward and ran when they had to to get in position.

End of round 1 positions
From here things got ugly. My shooting was ineffective and though I got several hits the wolves were able to save off most or roll a 1 on the wound chart and get flesh wounds rather than actual damage. They also utilized the Space Marine ability to quickly remove being pinned. This allowed them to run at me very quickly and at pretty much fill strength. 

The Marines are now in shooting range

I did have some snipers ready to blast him though.

Unfortunately one of those snipers was shot off the ledge
and  fell 6", but managed to stay alive

Marines under the walkway moving forward unopposed. 

two more marines advancing on one of my sniper positions.
I had to move him forward so I could not go into overwatch.
(I should have kept him back and on overwatch)

A different angle of the same action.

Seeing that the marines were getting too close for comfort I moved my leader off of the cargo container and out of LOS. It did not help. Damn those Marines move fast!

Me being slick

Meanwhile the two marines that went after the
sniper confronted him head on. You can guess how this went.

One of the marines was able to reach my leader with a 10" charge.
There fight was kind of epic.

Always moving in pairs the second Marine moves in to support his buddy.

The Marine Sergeant finally manages to make into hand to hand.
It's pretty much over at this point. 
The two marines that fought the sniper took him out without difficulty. The Marine Sergeant took out the Skitarri in front of him. In the shooting phase his partner shot and wounded another sniper. so at this point I was down 4 fighters (3 of this in that turn) so it was time for a bottle roll. I rolled an 11 and fled the board. 

The positions at the very end of the game.
Victory to the Space Wolves! (Boo Hiss) 

Over all it was a fun game and I look forward to the rematch. I plan to take some time to rethink my list and hopefully come out with a victory.

Till next time


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