Saturday, October 17, 2015

Frostgrave Part 3- First Game of FROSTGRAVE-

Hello All,
My first game of FROSTGRAVE - Necromancer (Me) vs. Thumaturge (my opponent.) 
I lost 4 to 2.
I split my forces (Mistake) this is the apprentice team 

The Necromancer team.

The Thumaturge team (all together)

Mind control and Blinding light are nasty spells. The Necromancer was blinded early on and spent several turns gimped while trying to throw off the effect. the rest of the band suffered because of the lack of support and by the time the Wizard got his act together all I could do was cut and run with what I could snag.
Center- Necromancer Blinded. In front of him the soon to be controlled thug. 

My MVP for the game has to be the raised zombie. Not only did it end up fighting three opponents at one point and survive but managed to kill one of its attackers!
A Skeleton wandered onto the board. The Zombie was sent to deal with it.

Random encounters were a nice touch. During our game 2 skeletons and a snow leopard showed up. It added an interesting twist having a third enemy that would attack the nearest model.
The Snow Leopard stalks around the corner.
The snow leopard corners the Thumaturge's thug
In all it was a lot of fun.

Pup on the prowl

Sniper view

My dead pile- treasure at the top

The final showdown 




  1. Awesome that you got a game in and love the terrain & board (I have that mat too!! I know it's hard to say with only one game under your belt, but what are your thoughts regarding the uniform distribution of a d20 opposed roll where the difference is related to damage? On paper, it seems very "swing-y"/random to me...

  2. Sorry. I Did not see this till now. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. The terrain is a work in progress that still needs a lot of love.

    As for the opposed roll mechanic it is a bit random with only a 5% tick with each +1/-1 modifier it takes a lot to make a roll probable in your favor. That said I prefer it for things like hand to hand in a game like this. Frostgrave fights are depicted as desperate life and death struggles (Heck the entire city is trying to kill you) where nothing is absolute or written in stone. A thug could kill a Knight if he rolls well.

    I think for some games it is better to have absolutes (or as close as you can with a random mechanic in play) larger games like Kings of War or 40K need this or the game can bog down even more than it already does. Smaller games like Frostgrave needs this more random approach to balance game play. otherwise it boils down to everyone using the same stuff since taking anything else is like giving XP to your opponent.

    I used to play a lot of LOTR SBG and before that the Pendragon RPG both use opposed dice roll mechanics (LOTR d6 and Pendragon d20) so I am kind of used to it. I hope that makes sense.